[Roleplay]How to steal a car.

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[Roleplay]How to steal a car.

Post  Wizy on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:56 am

Well I'm bored so I decided to make a guide on how to Rply steal a car, or steal a car that someone is in.

Green = Do's
Red = Me's

Steal a car that noone is in.

** Vehicle theft kit in my [LEFT/RIGHT] Hand **
[Name] checks if the door is locked
** Yes/No ** (Yes is more fun because you can RP more)
If yes:
[Name] Opens and looks through the Car theft kit for a pick lock.
[Name] Finds one in/under [A place] (Such as Under the Screw Drivers)
[Name] Begins to pick the lock

** 1/3 **
** 2/3 **
** 3/3 **
** You hear a small *Click* As the door unlocks **

After Yes/ If no:
[Name] Slowly Opens the door
If you attempt to use a screwdriver for the egnition:
[Name] Looks through his Theft kit to find a screwdriver
[Name] Finds it in/under [A place]
[Name] Shoves the screwdriver in the key slot

( Use /attempt for this) to use the screwdriver to start the car
If you failed/ Or you want to hotwire
[Name] Looks under the steering wheel
[Name] Locates [4/6] screws
[Name] Looks through his theft kit and finds a screwdriver to fit the screws
[Name] Starts to unscrew all of the screws

(Depending on how many screws you chose do -/numb. In this case I chose 5)
** 1/5 **
** The screw falls to the ground **
** 2/5 **
** The screw falls to the ground **
** 3/5 **
** The screw falls to the ground **
** 4/5 **
** The screw falls to the ground **
** 5/5 **
** The screw falls to the ground **

[Name] Pulls the plating off revealing some wires
[Name] Starts to cut some of the wires

** 1/3 **
** 2/3 **
** 3/3 **

[Name] Starts to attach some of the wires together
** 1/3 **
** 2/3 **
** 3/3 **
** The vehicle starts **

If you want to steal a car with someone in it. (Note, For this it will be all S it may change during gameplay)

[Name] Attempts to open the door
** s/f? **
** S **

[Name] Attempts to pull the man/woman out of the vehicle
** s/f **
** S **

[Name] Me attempts to throw a powerful punch to the man/womans face knocking him/her out (not required )
** s/f **
** S **

[Name] Gets in the vehicle
[Name] Closes the door

** Engine is on **
[Name] Drives off

EDIT: Replaced the indigo with green to be able to read it better.
If I should add anything let me know.

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Re: [Roleplay]How to steal a car.

Post  Monkey on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:19 am

Changed to sticky because it is a good tutorial and I believe it is essential for people to know how to Roleplay this.

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