How to roleplay a pullover.

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How to roleplay a pullover.

Post  Ladathion on Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:57 pm

**Driving fast down the road**
**You hear sirens **
**You look in the rear view mirror to see a cop**
**You pull over the right side of the road**

/me turns the engine off.
/me rolls down the windows of his car.
/me looks at the officer

[Officer] You know why your pulled over sir.
[Civilian] No sir I do not
[Officer] Well I caught you doing 95 Miles per hour in a 70 miles per hour zone
[Civilian] I'm so sorry sir..I'm just in a rush to get to work
[Officer] Can I see your licenses and Registration

/me reaches toward the glove box and opens it
/me grabs the papers and leans up
/me grabs his wallet and opens it up
/me pulls out his drivers licenses and hands them both to the cop

[Civillian]There you are sir
[Officer] /me takes the licenses and registration
[Officer] Ok, wait here sir

**cop walks to the cruiser**
**cop runs your licenses and car**
**cop gets out and walks back to the car**

[Officer] Alright sir you are clean and have a small record
[Civilian] Thank you sir
[Officer] Well I will let you off with a warning this time but don't let me catch you doing this again.
[Civilian] No officer no more speeding I promise
[Officer] Better not, have a good day sir
[Civilian] You too officer

**You start the engine and drive off slowly**

Or in another case just take the ticket, yes cop chases are fun but not ever second you turn around and boom there is another cop chase
This is kinda a little thing for some of you new guy's to well get away with stuff but also get away from a cop quick is to cooperate and don't make us chase you, cause if you are caught well its a good while in jail

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