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[APES]Radio Codes

Post  Wizy on Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:01 am

Why have radio codes? Well radio codes make it easier for us to talk. So here are all the radio codes

Unit status codes:

Status 1 / S1 [ON/OFF] (This is for Duty)
Status 2 / S2 (Means you are Available)
Status 3 / S3 (Means you are Unavailable)
Status 4 / S4 (Means you are cruising or patrolling)
Status 5 / S5 (Means your situation is controlled)
Status 5 / S6 (Means your situation is out of control)

Radio Codes:
10-0 (Testing your radio)
10-1 (You are responding)
10-2 (You have arrived on the scene)
10-3 (Not acknowledged)
10-4 (Okay, Or acknowledged)
10-5 (Going back to the HQ )
10-6 (Have the person repeat)
10-7 (Have someone stand-by)
10-8 (What is someones ETA)
10-9 (I need/have an activity update)
10-10 ( I need an ambulance)
10-11 ( I need a firetruck)
10-12 ( I need a pickup)
10-13 ( Car accident)
10-14 [Medical issue here] ( Other medical issue)
10-15 ( I/I'm need/taking a break)
10-16 [Medical person, Citizen, Officer, other ] ( Someone is in danger)
10-17 [Medical person, Citizen, Officer, other ] ( Someone is down)
10-18 (We have a fire under control)
10-19 (We have a fire out of control)
10-20 (Where is the persons location)
10-21 (Need backup)
10-22 (Please stop transmitting)
10-23 (Returning to duty)
10-24 (Patient needs transport)
10-25 (Dead on arrival)
10-26 [time] (Died at _ time)
10-27 (Someone attempting suicide)
10-28 ( Need to refuel my vehicle)

How to use a megaphone

Correct ways:
/m APMS emergency, Please move your vehicles out of the way!
/m Accident, Reduce speed and reroute!

Wrong ways:
/m You got a fine ass!
/m Hey Nigger move your black ass out the way! - (I am not racist)

Code 0(Yellow): Normal accident, Lights, No sirens.
Code 1(Blue): Medium accident, Lights, Sirens.
Code 2(Red): Big accident, Lights, Sirens, Megaphone
Code 3(Black): Huge accident, Lights, Sirens, Megaphone, Partner.

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