[APES] Vehicles.

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[APES] Vehicles.

Post  Wizy on Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:10 pm

Here are our list of vehicles and what to do with them.

Name Purposes Picture Amount Rank required to use
Ambulance Emergencies ONLY 2 3
Firetruck Fires ONLY 2 3
Rancher Patrolling/Offroad emergencies 2 2
Ladder Truck Save people trapped very high 1 1
Wayfarer Get medical supplies through traffic/patrolling. 2 3
Raindance Air lift/ Far away emergencies 1 5
Now here are some rules you MUST follow while using this equipment

Ambulance: You CANNOT patrol in the ambulance, Only a rancher or wayfarer.
Firetruck: Don't abuse the water hose. (Meaning don't spray anything except what your required to spray)
Raindance: Don't pick up your friends, Don't just fly around for no reason, No stunts
All: These vehicles are used for emergencies ONLY, Don't use them for any means of transportation. Such as driving to your house. And only patrol in the vehicles that are listed as a patrol vehicle!

Note: You ARE allowed to patrol in your own vehicle.
Note: The only allowance of the transportation is if its to an area that 911/backup was called.


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