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The following terms and rules apply everywhere on our site, unless explicitly otherwise mentioned.

A. Terms of Service, disclaimer and general information.

1. If you are here because someone has reported a form of copyright infringement, you hereby certify under penalty of perjury that you are authorized by the copyright owner himself/herself to visit our website and look for the reported copyright infringement.
You understand that you are not authorized by us to create a forum account.
If any of the copyright infringing content is in a members-only part of our website, do not break these terms by creating an account.

We reserve the right to ask you for a signature or company stamp of the copyright owner to make sure you are authorized.

2. If you are here for other purposes, you are hereby required to close your browser or disconnect your computer and clear your browsing history.
If you ignore this warning we reserve the right to take legal action against you, which might result into negative consequences for you, your company, partner companies or acquaintances.

3. These terms may be updated at any time.
These terms may be updated at any time with or without notice. The staff may supplement these terms with additional terms pertaining to specific content and services.
You are alone responsible for reading these terms regularly to see if they have been updated.

4. Use our forum on your own risk.
You are alone responsible for what you do, and what happens to you.
For example, if you decide to suicide after something terrible has happened on our website, or have gotten yourself into a large lawsuit... we do not take any responsibility, you do.

5. We are not the police nor 'private server' police.
We only manage our own website, partner websites or eventually websites created by our acquaintances.

B. Forum posting rules

1. Use common sense.
Not everything has been mentioned in our terms. For example, posting child porn is definitely not allowed. You are supposed to know this, we will not make a rule for every simple thing that you can know yourself.

2. If you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything at all.
We do not want useless posts made on our forum.

3. No spamming.
No unnecessary posts, polls, a hundred smileys, 100% stylized text effects (bold, underline, italic, colors).

4. No bumping.
We understand you might be interested in old topics, but please do not bump historical topics that were posted a long time ago.

5. No offensive language (A.K.A flame).
Do not insult your fellow members any way possible.

6. No off-topic.
Only talk about the topic subject, don't start about something completely else. If you want to do so, just create a new topic yourself in the off-topic forum.

7. No wrong-board topics.
Always read the board stickies and descriptions, you might be posting your topic in the wrong board. For example, a help topic shouldn't be in the suggestion board.

C. Forum advertisement rules

1. Advertising in your signature is NOT allowed.
Unless the site is leading to SA-MP Forums or anything related to Greenland Roleplay.
2. Creating advertisement topics for your website/private server is forbidden.
You may not post a website advertisement on Greenland Roleplay's Forums without specific exception made by one of the administrators.
3. Creating advertisement topics for your server is forbidden.
Doing so, will result into Server and Forum BANN.
4. Advertising through personal messages is strictly forbidden!
Doing this will instantly result into a ban from the forum and a censor on the server. We will not hand out any warnings.
5. Spamming other servers with Greenland Roleplay's advertisements is strictly forbidden.
We like advertisement for our website, but spam is never any good. Expect punishments.
Please contact us if one of our visitors spammed you or the server.

D. Shoutbox rules

1. Advertising is strictly forbidden.
Advertising a website or private server in the shoutbox is forbidden. Do this, and expect a harsh punishment.
2. Insulting (flaming) is forbidden.
Do not insult your fellow members, respect them instead.
3. The shoutbox isn't a support chat.
The shoutbox shall only be used for general discussion. For help, try the forum itself or eventually IRC chat which is under construction.

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