Rules & Punishments((In-game))

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Rules & Punishments((In-game))

Post  Monkey on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:27 pm

ADMINS:- If you can think of any other rules that need to be added PM them to Monkey.

Rule 1:- C4N 1 H4Z 4DM1N2?
Asking for admin - 1 Month denial from Admin (This includes asking for promotions)

Rule 2:- /me flies to mars.
Non-RP in any form is Non-RP. We do NOT allow it. - 10 - 30 mins admin jail.

Rule 3:- $99999999999999999999999999999
Hacking is not M'kay. - BANNED instantly with no questions asked. You will be allowed ONE unban appeal. Mess up, Tough.

Rule 4:- Can you add...
Do not ask Monkey to script something for your or to add a faction unless the thing you want him to add has been accepted from the forums. Post your suggestions, bug-fixes and the faction applications in the forum. - Nothing, Just it wont be added.

We are an English server. That means you speak ENGLISH in ALL chats except PM. - Asked to speak English, Repeat offense's 10 mins admin jail.

Flaming is not allowed on the forum or in the server - 10 mins admin jail + Muted.

Rule 7:- Admins are your friend!
Dont piss of an admin. Raging at them will result in them Ajailing you. - Additional 10 mins admin jail, Continuing = kick. Come back and rage? Ban.

SPAM = 10 Mins admin Jail + Mute. continue? Same punishment as Rule 7.

Rule 9:- Admin decision is FINAL
If an admin decides that you should be admin jailed. Its his decision, Go to the forums and complain if you don't like it. Dont rage at them (rule 7)

Rule 10:- Money Farming
Making new accounts to trade money to yourself is not allowed. - 30 mins admin jail + ALL of you money will be taken away.

Rule 11:- Meta-gaming/New Life Rule
When you die, Don't go back to kill the guy that killed you. You also don't remember how you were killed, Sorta like Kenny from south park you just come back to life and you don't remember what happened. Meta-gaming mean's using OOC information in IC, also reading the players name and then pretending you know it when you have never met them before. Or MAGICALLY getting someone's phone number. - 15 mins admin jail or Forced Tutorial.

Rule 12: /me snaps your neck and steals or your money.
Power-gaming is NOT allowed. Meaning you force RP on someone such as doing the above /me. You must do /me ATTEMPTS to slap this biatch. - 10-20 mins admin jail

Rule 13: You are dead!
You CANNOT force a CK on someone. They must accept it. So don't kill someone in the best RP ever, And say Okay now go make a new char.. You can only say this IF they accept the CK. And take a SS of it for proof. - You are told you can not CK someone only admins can approve CK's.

Rule 14: Bunny hop
Please do not Bunny hop. You are not a bunny, And you cant RP a bunny. Bunnyhoppinging is when you jump to get to a place faster, or to get away from something faster. - 10 mins admin jail.

Rule 15: Canz I haz a free faction?
No, You must apply on the forums and if it gets accepted, It will be added. Or you can donate enough money to get a free faction with admin approvals. - Denial of faction for 2 weeks.

Rule 16: Canz I haz a donator rank?
No, You must donate for it. Sorry we will not give it to people for free unless they donate.

Rule 17:- Have fun
No punishment Mkay?


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