A.P.P.D - Traffic Laws!

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A.P.P.D - Traffic Laws!

Post  Dr Kanuin on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:25 am

Attention! This is a Public Service Announcement!

Dear citizens of Angel Pine. I am Commissioner Mark Williams of the A.P.P.D And I am here by enforcing Traffic laws. The traffic laws fallow as:

Red lights

You must stop at red lights. You may turn RIGHT when it is red! If you run a red light and a cop sees this. You will be pulled over.

Speed Limits
The Speed Limit for in-town in 40 Miles per hour! For freeways it is 80! For long stretch roads it is 65! You will be caught speeding, So don't do it.


You may park your vehicle a little on the sidewalk but only 2 Tires are permitted.

Off Road Driving

You may ONLY Off-road drive On Dirt roads!. Mt. Chillad is not legal off-roading! It is too Dangerous! DO NOT DRIVE ON MOUNT CHILLAD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
(( I will think of more as it goes ))

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