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Bugging to join = PERM DENIED

If you are reading this thread, you must be interested in joining San Andreas' finest law enforcement agency. Please make sure you read everything.

A.P.P.D. Manual


The A.P.P.D. Manual is both a resource for the public and for officers. Each section directed at a specific player base within the server, it will hopefully contain all a person reading it needs to know about the A.P.P.D. This guide is written out of character, of course.

To The Public

The A.P.P.D Is a highly organized department that helps take car of criminals, So you won't have to. We are a organization formed by the government to take care of certain duty's to protect and serve the community. To be there when needed. To stop stuff.. Before it happens. Our motto is "For the Community, We protect and serve" We are "For the community" Not for ourselves. We serve YOU not our revenge needs.

Calling 911

This is your fastest and most direct link to the entire A.P.P.D.. If you’re in trouble or have witnessed a serious crime taking place, /call 911. Do not call 911 for trivial things [my car has ran out of fuel and I am stranded] or as a joke – this is a criminal offense. If you call us saying it is a joke. You will be fined 600 Dollars and Arrested. Please this is not a joke.

We try to respond to every 911 call. If you can, stay in the spot you made it from. That’s where the marker is and that’s where the officer will go – he may wish to ask you a few questions.

To Applicants

This will be a short section designed to tell applicants or prospective applicants how they can increase their chances at getting on the force. Applicants should read the entire manual.

-Communication. IF U TYPE LIEK THIS UR NOT GETNG IN!!!11!1 I’m sorry, but officers of the A.P.P.D are required to communicate with the general public on the server in a clear and concise manner. I know that not everybody can spell well and that’s fine, but you can at least not sound like a retard. We do not accept childish kids who say “PLEASE ACCEPT ME I WANT TO BE A COP WHEN I GROW UP!” You will be PERM DENIED!

-Interaction. Reporting crimes, being a good citizen and generally interacting with the police are good ways to get yourself noticed. Posting on the server forums is always good. Get on vent too.

-Don’t piss us off. This includes smsing/calling us every 5 seconds brown nosing for a reference or a ride along. Us noticing you is all good, just make sure you post that you've read this on your app thread. Make sure it’s not in a bad light. It also includes committing any crimes whilst your application is being considered and generally being a douche.

Ride Along Procedure

These are probably among the best ways to get the reference. Below are the rules you’ll need to follow when trying to get and being on a ride along.

1. Ask the officer once. If he says he’ll get back to you, he probably will. If an officer says he is busy then he is either busy or can’t be arsed giving you a ride along. Best times to ask are when the server is quiet.

2. Do what the officer tells you. This will normally be ‘stay in the car’ and ‘don’t get involved’. But if you’re in that officer’s car, you do what he says.

3. Please don’t do anything illegal on the ride along. This includes turning up with an AK or other illegal weapon.

4. Ride Alongs are in character. The officer may stop and chat to you for a bit. Feel free to ask questions along the way too.

You must have at least 3 ride a longs.
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