Hello (Forgot to post one xD)

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Hello (Forgot to post one xD)

Post  Wizy on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:07 am

Well, Hello everyone! I am ryan, You may or not know that I am the chief of the APMS, (we are hiring!) But anyways I forgot to post a topic about me joining. Im from another server and I decided to view this server, So far its actually pretty good, Reminds me a lot like another server I played and it was my favorite server until it merged with a server I hated Razz

But anyways, I am 14. I live in US, My REAL name is Brandon.
I love sports, American football mostly, And I love to run. I am very athletic (Even though I sit on my damn computer 24/7 like a no-lifer but I play sports and stuff a lot)
I may say that I am about 70% of a no-lifer xD

Anyways Hello!

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Re: Hello (Forgot to post one xD)

Post  Stackie on Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:52 pm

Back at'cha Brandon.


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