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Rafael "RJ" Juan

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Chapter One: El Camarón

((Please note that ICly all the dialog is in Spanish. ))
The baby was crying loud, just after coming out.
"Cardiac Arrest! Cardiac Arrest!" the doctors kept shouting.
"Ohh-! It hurts!" shouted Ramira Juan.
"Hang in there my dear!" whispered Pedro Juan.
"She won't make it, amigos," a doctor started.
He was interrupted by a disturbing grunting sound heard from Ramira's position
"No, no, NO!!!!!" Pedro shouted, crying.
Ramira lay lifeless on the small bed in El Camarón.
"I can't-... I don't-.... WHY!!!!" Pedro kept shouting.
The baby cried and cried. That baby was named Rafael Juan.

***16 YEARS LATER***

Chapter Two: Los Santos

"Hola amigo, que pasa?" asked the clerk behind the Spanish deli.
"Beuna, beuna..." Rafael sighed.
"What do tu need?" he asked.
"I need some milk 'n eggs, man."
Out of nowhere, some yellow Mexican gang ran inside the store.
"Put tu hands up, putos!" shouted one strong-looking one.
"Ahh!!!" shouted Rafael, putting his hands up.
"I ain't givin' you putos shit!" the clerk shouted, spitting on the gangsters.
Boom, boom boom. Rafael's ears were throbbing. Rafael opened his mouth, but no words came out.
"Get the hell outta' here, puto!" the one who shot the clerk shouted to Rafael.
The clerk was one of Rafael's dearest friends -not that he had much- and this man had just died right before his very eyes.
"S-Si!!" Rafael replied.
Rafael ran out top-speed, pushing the door out of his way.
This is too fucking dangerous, Rafael thought. I need some "friends."

Chapter Three: Glock .17

Rafael ran down the street. He ran, from Grove Street to El Corona. After reaching El Corona, he saw some yellow-ragged Mexicans.
"Eh, Mendez, check out this puto!" shouted one of them.
"Que!?" shouted another, Mendez, Rafael thought. "The fuck 'tu doin' here!?"
"What the fuck do 'tu want!?"
Rafael ran away. He ran, and kept running till he couldn't run no more.
Once he reached a gate, with a building behind it.

Maybe there's some help in here, Rafael thought.
He kicked open the gate and ran inside.
Inside, there was a man showing his jacket and lots of guns to another man.
"Si, si. I got Glocks, Sawn-Offs, even an antique AK-47 in my car-who's this puto?" he said.
"I think I need one of those." Rafael stated.
"Si... which?" replied the arms dealer.
"Glock." Rafael nodded.
"Si, that'll be $3000."
"Órale," Rafael said. He reached into his pocket and took out a large wad of money. "Here you are." he handed it to the arms dealer.
"Buena." the arms dealer gave Rafael a Glock. Rafael smiled.
"Adios." Rafael said.

Chapter Four: Southside Locotes 13


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