Ziyaad Hussain's Application

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Ziyaad Hussain's Application

Post  Ziyaad_Hussain on Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:41 pm

((IC info))

What's your name?: Ziyaad Hussain

What's your phone number?: Do not own one at the moment.

Why do you want to join the News Corporation?[40 words]: Well, I want to join the News Corp. since I am a great speaker and I am a really sociable person. I can speak infront of large crowds, while still speaking with passion. I also want to join the News Corp since I have a Degree in Journalism, I am fully qualified for this position.

Where were you born, and what's your current address?: I was born in Pakistan and currently I am residing in the Angel Pine Motel.

How old are you?: I am 24 years old.

((OOC info))

How old are you? 13

What's your time-zone? GMT -8 (Pacific Standard Time)

How long have you been playing GL-RP? About 2 Days.

Why do you want to join the News Corporation? I want to join the News. Corp because I have never been in this type of faction before in anyother server, so I decided to try something new. The faction seems very interesting to me, and I am interested in Journalism, so this faction will train me for my future in real life!

How would you rate your RP skill on a scale on ONE to TEN? 7


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