Couple Suggestions

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Couple Suggestions

Post  Ladathion on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:40 am

At first, "/fish" command, I already mapped docks as some of you know, now all there has to be is a fishing command.

Second suggestion is to make the cars respawn every 1/2 minutes to the place they were last /park'ed or /savecar'ed. Reason speaks for itself I guess.

Third suggestion is to assign one head for all the legal factions, 1 head for Medical Services, 1 head for Fire Brigade, 1 head for Government etc. Cause if there are no heads for the factions, they will not be able to recruit + Roleplay cause theres no one in, so we should assign 1 head of the faction first.

Fourth suggestion is to fix the payout to a reasonable pay, if I'd get the money I earn from it now everytime, I would have 15k every hour, while a Trailer in Angel Pine costs 15k, which means it could be earned in 1 hour of gameplay, and that way noobs will buy houses and eventually never come back etc etc.

Fifth suggestion is to make /changeweather command for any admin lvl 1/2+, because most of the time there are no head admins online, and weather can make people lagg, so we should be able to change it.

These are five basic suggestion, but they have to happen, it will improve roleplay much more.

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Re: Couple Suggestions

Post  Monkey on Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:18 am

- We already have /fish
- The car respawn is coming in the next update
- Well, obviously I am going to assign leaders to factions before roleplaying/recruting them
- Payout is being changed in next update, It stayed as it is for now so we could get some bonuses for people who joined within the first week.
- /setweather command is going to be admin level 3

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