[LSPD Applaction] Allen Chrome

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[LSPD Applaction] Allen Chrome

Post  Melvin on Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:08 pm


Forename: Allen
Surname: Chrome
Present Place of Residence(if any):
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 02/06/1982
Do you own a vehicle: Yes
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?(We will check): No
If yes, state violation: N/a
Past and present participation in Organizations: None
Any experience in this line of work?: Security Guard at a Mall
Curriculum Vitae(Information about you'r life story, Around 100 words):
I grew up in New York, the big apple. I lived there all of my life, I lived in a small apartment complex, with little income, I was poor. My family where supportive with my school work, they had always been supportive with whatever I had done, which made alot of things easier, we where a close family. I think because we were so poor it helped us grow close. We used to play board games like monopoly, it was hard now looking back on it but back then I was used to it, it seemed normal to me. I did a good in school I got good grades and hardly ever got in trouble this was mainly because there was nothing else to do. People used to say I got bullied because some people pushed me around and called me a geek, I used to get put down from the clothes I wore, when I got older I realized the different ways to get money, to get better clothes and help my family as much as I could, I was doing people homework, simple homework I charged $2, Medium I charged $4 and complex homework like essays was $8. It got me what I wanted and made me happy I started to get more popular, As I became more popular I was invited to parties where people where pressuring me to drink alcohol and do drugs, My school grades eventually started to drop, my parents became worried and tried to make me move away, I refused and fled to my friends house where I slept for a couple of weeks, I started working in a small 24/7 store, it was a prime location for crime and I got held up numerous times, It drove me to want to help, this is what brought me to Los Santos I started to work as a security guard in the local mall, I raised enough money for college and I got a Minor in Administration and Major Law Enforcement.

Why do you want to be a Officer of the Law?:
I want to make the civilians feel confrotable and safe when they walk out of there house.


Name(optional): Matt
Time on server: 9 Hours (lawl)
Any past legitimate kicks or bans: Well, Yes. LAwl
Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes
Do You have Teamspeak: Yes
Any Officers Recommending you*Pictures*: Alex
IG Picture of your Stats(Please upload Via Imageshack.us): Can't Take SS in SAMP
Any others things you want to ad?:Noppe


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Re: [LSPD Applaction] Allen Chrome

Post  Matt Grendal on Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:35 pm

you have been ACCEPTED, Come in game now

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