Varrio Los Tierras

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Varrio Los Tierras

Post  Skye on Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:38 pm

The Story

*Rap song starts*"A'ight ese lemme tell you a story 'bout a lil' set
'Dey was loyal but befo' dey met
'dey was gangbangin' wit' Surenos
Ese 'dey was whack
But of what 'dey had a lack
'Twas respect
ain't got none of that
'dey decided it got too bad
one of 'em got really mad
he said 'A'ight puta if you ain't gonna respect me ima' start my own set and take you down'
*In the background plays "Varrio Los Tierras por vida"*
Well 'da leader he had a frown
said 'puto tu ain't shit in 'dis town'
Rafael got pissed
so he threw a bat at the man
but ese he missed
Rafael was fucked, 'dey all had gats
But Rafael, ese, listen eh he wasn't givn' up
'Dat man was a crazy puta,
But if he knew if he did it he'd be the shootah'
He shot and 'dere was cops all ovah'
He got in a car, started playn' Cliffs of Dovah'
Drove down 'da block and eventually out 'da city
man he looked itty bitty
in 'dat big ass city
but now he was in 'da county knew he was safe
met up wit' his bro,
Xavier Reguerro
joined a set
called La Onda
met up wit' some dudes
built up respect
but den he had to leave
'twas a lottah' grieve
ese he got to Los Santos
decided it was time to start his set
*In the background plays "Varrio Los Tierras por vida ! ese"*
he had a bet
it wouldn't be good
but he decided fuck it
felt like a muppet
but he found his eses and built respect
eventually, his set was a check."


El Corona.


None please. We'll RP getting our cars.


1 - Cholo - He is new to the gang. A worthless piece of shit really, he has no respect.

2 - Soldado - He has proven himself to Varrio Los Tierras but he's still only an average member.

3 - Guerrero - Warrior. He is respected and can command small groups of Cholos.

4 - Capitan - He has power. He can command anything from rank 1 to rank 2.

5 - Veterano - Normally these members are retired, but they have the most respect.

6 - Jefe (( El Jefe is stupid. It means "The Boss" well I'd rather just have it "Boss")) Leader of the set. He is really respected but at the same time, if he fucks up the members have a right to do something about it.


Rank 6 - Rafael "Double R'" Reguerro (( skye ))

Rank 5 - VACANT

Rank 4 - VACANT

Rank 3 - VACANT

Rank 2 - VACANT

Rank 1 - VACANT

How to join

Well it's not that hard but at the same time it's not easy. I'm obviously looking for members so you'd get in easier now than you would say if I had 20 members, but it's not just like /b canz i join ur gangz sir ?
No it's IC. kthxbai


(( click the image to download it ))
Credits to the modpack: ykp, Thanh, whoever else helped.

Guide to RPing a Sureno gang member

In the RP, usually any member will be an asshole to you. He will insult you. Don't take it seriously ! It's just the RP. No one's really mad at you. Anyway, let's get started.

Slang/Spanish lesson
Si'mon - this means like, "Totally dude" or "Yeah maaaan"
Si - not really slang it just means "Yes"
Ceute - This is not slang either but it means gun
Vato - Dude
Ese - Homie
Holmes - Homie
Puto - Bastard
Puta - Bitch
Mierda - Shit
Pendejo - Dick/pubic hairs
Que - What
Que paso - What's up, how are you, etc.
Madre - Mother
Padre - Father
Papa - Dad
Mama - Mom(( yes it's a difference ))

Note: If 'o' is at the end of a word it usually means it's masculine ( male ) and if 'a' is at the end it's usually feminine ( female ) .

A good way to learn about this RP is to watch a move called Splinter, it's about a Mexican gang and it's pretty good I enjoyed watching it. By watching that you can see how they talk & act.

Another thing to do is to research real Mexican gangs and find out about them, that way you can really understand how they act.

Note: A prison gang is a whole different thing so I don't recommend researching them unless you're RPing in jail ... or something.


Currently working on it.


I, [Firstname Lastname] hearby promise to give my full respect and love to Varrio Los Tierras. I will not snitch, and I accept that if I do I will but hunted down and killed. I am giving up my life for the set, I have proven myself and I am respected enough to say this oath.


((Tbh I'd rather you come RP your way in in game, and remember if you're accepted you still have to RP in.))

**You see a man sitting in a chair around El Corona.
Do you approach him?:

Eh pendejo, what the fuck do you want? What'chu doin' on my turf?
A'ight I will consider that. You got a phone, chico?
A'ight vato you got a place to crash?
A'ight so what's your name?((Make up a street nick))
Sweet ese I'm El Rico. I'll ring you up, now get the fuck outtah' here.


You must stay in or around the hood unless told otherwise by a rank 4+.
You must never snitch.
You must give your life for the familia.
You must have respect after 4 weeks or you may be kicked out.
You must respect any other chicanos in the set.
You must not be a fag.

You need an RP Mexican name, example: Alfonso Sanchez. I won't let you in if you have some stupid shit like Argonath_Consience.

You need to listen to higher ranks, or else they will take an SS of you being disobedient and send it to me.((If they tell you something retarded like give them cash or guns for free, then you SS that and send it to me.))

You should be mature enough to handle this. If I catch you OOC fooling around like a bitch, I will kick you out as we're trying to keep the reputation of being good RPers high.

I've given you some guides up there |^^^^^| So don't complain saying you don't know how to RP a Sureno.

Try to be nice to others. Respect any member in the gang OOCly all the time. If you do it ICly, well I can't place that rule here in the OOC section now can I?Wink

ALWAYS follow the server rules or else you will be BANNED from this faction. Kthxbai.

This is not really a rule as much as it is a piece of advice; Never ask for your rag or a promotion.

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Re: Varrio Los Tierras

Post  Ghost on Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:16 pm

/Admin Support Ese' Wink


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Re: Varrio Los Tierras

Post  Drake on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:39 pm

It seems like a nice application.

Ceute - This is not slang either but it means gun

I speak spanish and I have NO DAMN IDEA of what Ceute means, gun is like pistola or arma.

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Re: Varrio Los Tierras

Post  Skye on Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:24 pm

Drake wrote:/support
It seems like a nice application.

Ceute - it means gun

I speak spanish and I have NO DAMN IDEA of what Ceute means, gun is like pistola or arma.
Maybe it is slang then Razz

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Re: Varrio Los Tierras

Post  Plasma on Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:30 pm

I will /support as long as you are going to be allies with me.. ;D
Anyways, I need to see some IG-RP in the faction before I will give a full supports.. But I will give a /Halfsupport for now.


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Re: Varrio Los Tierras

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