Al Qaeda(Faction Applications)

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Al Qaeda(Faction Applications)

Post  David_Barbosa on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:49 pm

David Barbosa, a normal taxi driver was heading back to home now that he had finished his job, he was walking down the windy streets to his home, he entered and his wife wasn'tthere,
he looked around but he didn't find her, he went for some dinner, and after that received a call.

"If you wanna see your wife again come to the bridge near Palomino Creek."
"Hello? Who is this?"
They hanged up.

He took his sandking's keys and got in it, rushed as fast as he could to the Palomino Bridge, after arriving Palomino Bridge, he saw a police car hiding near the trees but ignored it, he went under it and saw his wife naked in and tied in a rope, the men were "playing" with her.

David grabbed his Desert Eagle and shot both of them, he tried to untie his wife and when he finished the police car arrived.
"You're under arrest!"What? no! she is my wife! Those fucking men kidnapped her!"
They shot david in the stomach, making him fall down unconcious, the policemen raped his wife and by the next morning he found her dead and another bullet was on his leg.
He went over to the hospital, trying to save his life and his wife, but unfortunately it was too late for his wife.

Years later, he visited his wife grave, with a tear in his face.
"I will avenge you, I promise...I am sad that I am the one...who survived and not you."

Week 1

Life was not easy for David as a taxist, he had a low budget, He had a small apartment, and now...he was alone, all this made David want to commit suicide, but he survived.
He was overshadowed by the policemen, he had nightmares all night,No one would believe that two robbers kidnapped his wife and tried to rape her, after he saved herthe policemen fucked him up and life went down the drain.

So his thoughts were revenge...and his seconds thoughts were that he didn't want to become a
terrorist, one day he turned on the TV and saw some breaking news about Peaks Chicken gettingwrecked by a plane, it was obvious that this was an act of terrorism, he then saw
his partner, Drake Peak, jumping of a tower...he knew Drake was mad but that he
wouldn't do it unless he really loved that place, and he came to the conclusion.

Week 2

After coming to the conclusion that "If someone loves something too much and that is the thingthat brings that person happiness, taking it away would be like robbing him of his happiness."is first example has himself, because he almost shot himself do to the death of his wife.So what did David do? watch the policemen closely, look at their houses, families, he knew everythingabout them, but he didn't had the correct equipment to destroy their lifes completely, so he had to earn some money to buy it, how was he going to earn it? hedidn't now, his first choice was to do extra hours,but that didn't pay him much, it would have been years before he could elaborate his plan, he looked for jobs until he foundsomething, on exactly two months there was going to be a tournament of wrestling.

Week 3-11

The wrestling tournament grand prize was of $10,000 and the second price had $3,000,
but there was a big problem, David was chubby, he didn't liked exercise and didn't have money for a gym or equipment to work out, so when he was about to throw the pamphlet but then he noticed a police car nearby, and inside it was one of the men who took his wife's life away.

David was furious, but going against him wasn't going to work, and he wanted him to suffer more than he suffered,so he grabbed the pamphlet and posted it in his wall. He started cleaning his house until it seemed larger, the weird smell had gone away too, and the space he created was enough to be able to do little exercices such as push ups, sit ups and others.So a week had passed and he knew where he was gonna run at, what he was gonna eat and how he was gonna build his buddy stronger.The weeks passed, and he followed all of his procedure, his belly went from rounded to flat and with a slightly visible six pack, his arms went from soft to hard and his health was at its best, one week was left to go and he had to continue doing exercise and he made his exercises even harder, he skipped work the last three days and was able to compete in the tournament.

The Tournament, Week 12-14

So there were all types of guys in the tournament, they all seemed big and furious, and some just like him.He thought he only had a chance for second place, so they started choosing who was gonna fight who, he ended with the easiest guys, the first one didn't look pretty strong, he ran over to him and tried an air kick and was able to launch it, his opponent fell to the ground and tried to get up but he jumped in top of him
and won the fight easily.

In his second fight it was tougher than the first one, they fought until they were dizzy and
it was not clear who would have won, but he used his last energy to be able to kick him, so the day was overand he went for a rest, while still training for his exercise...there were knocks on the door and when heopened it, there were two policemen, different from the men who raped his wife, he asked them what was the matter and they inspected the room, without saying anything...David got mad but knew he had to calm down,they left the place and when they were leaving, he looked at them and noticed that in the police car, allthattime...there was one of the men who raped his wife, he was furious...he wanted to kill him but hemaintained the calm and went to sleep, the next day began harder as he had to fight four more fights,his first opponent of the day was all worn out from the other day's fights and kept missing until David won.

His second opponent was quick and strong, he punched David really bad until he felt to the ground...
He started having memories of all he had gone through and got up and launched fast punches at his enemy, then when his enemy launched a kick, he grabbed it and used his strength to throw him out of the ring.The day had ended, and he was in the semifinals, he had gotten a bunch of sponsors and the pay was good,he felt static and kept training, until the day of the semifinals, this guy looked the strongest of them all...

He was the favorite of the tournament, David felt he had no chance but still wanted to fight him, when the fightstarted David tried to punch his enemy but failed, and when he felt to the ground...his enemy punched him, knocking him out.He regained conciousness and asked what happened, they told him that he won, he was confused and asked how did he win?They laughed and said that right when he felt to the ground he felt on his opponents foot, making some pills fall out of his pocket, showing some steroids,David laughed and prepared for the finals.

So now, after going through the whole process, the finals arrived, David was scared, he had already made $3,000 from hissponsors but that wasn't enough for what he needed, the fight was a pretty close fight until he hit his opponent right in
the face, it seemed like he had no emotions, whenever David hit him, his opponent stand still, laughed and kept fighting,a true nightmare, at the end, David lost.

Week 15

Earning a total of $6,000 he could destroy one of the policemen easily, but the other one would know and be safe, so he had to get enough money for both, he kept working as a taxi driver, some people smiled athim because he looked like a very happy man, as he went from a depressed man to a self confident, happy looking man,one day while walking he was grabbed from behind, when all of a sudden he noticed there was a little water on the street,he looked at it and it was the guy who beat him...he asked him what did he want and he replied that he was one of the police officer's cousins, David elbowed him with all his strange making him fall to the ground, then he startedbeating him on the floor until the pavement was bloody, the man was struggling to breath and David got up but, took somemoney out of his enemy's pocket, it was $5,000 and there were some drugs, David was really mad, he know knew that thepolicemen knew he was after them, this money was enough for him to carry his plan.


So David went to the first policeman's house, at 10:20, when no one is home, the policeman is patrolling and hiswife is getting their kid to school, David planted two bombs, both out of range, the first one underneath the house, to bedetonated at 1:48, the average time the kid and the wife are planned to come back from work and school, and he calculed would the rests probably fly at, putting the second bomb underneath there, to be detonated at 2:24, he calculated that itwas going to take 20 minutes for the news to get him as he patrols far away, at in high speed he was probably gonna get there at 2:18 but in case of not calculating ok he added some minutes.

On the second policeman, it was clear that he was not gonna go home after listening to that news, so he planted iton the police car he was going to be assigned at that day, to be detonated at 2:30, he had nothing to lose as this manwas a true criminal, no family, just some corrupt cop.David watched his clock as it went to 1:49, he turned on the TV to hear that they were gonna report a big explosionin the planned place, he smiled and they started broadcasting it at 2:00, A woman and her on had been murdered in thedetonation, they were suspecting a second bomb somewhere, just as planned, the man arrived at 2:16, and he was standing onthe planned location at 2:23, he started looking at his clock until it reached 2:24, he miled and looked back up at the TV,
Nothing happened.

Then he got news about the other police officer dieing do to poisoning, something was not right, the real criminal wasthe family man, he was faking sadness, it was clear to David and he was really mad, until he heard some ticking noise in hisTV, he got surprised and jumped of the window, running out of range, he made it, but his back got bad burns.

The Nemesis

Only one of them was alive, one more had to suffer, but this time there had to be another plan, maybe this corrupt copwas smarter than David thought he was, or there was a bigger mind behind this, David followed his nemesis until thecop asked him "For how much longer are you going to keep following me?" he looked surprised, and asked himsince when did he know, the cop replied him that since a while earlier, David jumped on him and started punching him,but it had no effect, the cop shot him, leaving him for dead, David used his last energy to follow him, while takingcare of his injury, until he got face to face with the cop, the cop shot bullets at him but he missed, it seemed as hewas back to an idiotic state, David tried to punch him with his last energies and when the cop felt, he felt as well.

The Government

David woke up, hoping to be dead, but he was in the hospital, he asked the doctor for how long had he been there, and ithad been a week, the doctor looked sad and said, "I am sorry that your friend died, the assassin got away with it,
the officer will be mourned tomorrow." giving him a little box that said "To David", David looked surprised and amazedwhile he was opening this, it just had one thing that made him wonder it said "From the scientists funded by the government"

David knew this was the government itself, opened the box and some pills showed, looked like the ones that felt on the otherman's pocket back at the fight, but it wasn't steroids, David felt he had to drink one and he did, he felt much better after
he did.


So it came attached with a letter, what it said was:
"Dear David, thank you for being our perfect test subject on how a man can change his life
with our new motivation, mind controlling "medicaments" by the time you're reading this
we already made you drink another pill, this were the sole purpose of what you've done
this months, your life has changed thanks to us, now you're a new man who knows that
he can easily achieve his goals, our pills showed once again that some pathetic scum
can turn into someone really respectable, first the officer and now you,thank you for
being our puppet.
"The scientists funded by the government" "

David got mad, and vomited the pill he had swallowed, he started beating everything in his wayout, he was really angry from what had just happened...his next enemy...was the government,
he was going to show them he was not a lab monkey, a puppet, and he was going to kill them
for being the true murderers of his wife he went to his wife's grave and cried
"I told you I was going to avenge you, I will do it""
And then, he created his faction the Al Qaeda! the beginning.

Ranks and Skin


=======================Ranks and Skin=======================

(Leader Marshal )Rank 6 Skin: 125
Rank 5(General) Skin:
Male Skin: 126
Female Skin: 211
Rank 4(Commander) Skin:
Male Skin: 290
Female Skin: 141
Rank 3(Captain) Skin:
Male Skin: 98
Female Skin:172
Rank 2(Lieutenant) Skin:
Male Skin: 217
Female Skin: 233
Rank 1(Private) Skin:
Male Skin: 73
Female Skin: 55

Vehicles and Ranks


=====================Vehicles Ranks================
Need Rank [1-6] to Drive this Vehicle:
Vehicle ID: 445
Vehicle Name: Admira
Vehicle Picture:
Need Rank [4-6] to Drive this Vehicle
Vehicle ID: 469
Vehicle Name: Sparrow
Vehicle Picture:
Need Rank [2-6] To Drive this Vehicle
Vehicle ID: 579
Vehicle Name: Huntley
Vehicle Picture:
Need Rank [3-6] to Drive this Vehicle
Vehicle ID: 440
Vehicle Name: Rumpo
Vehicle Picture:
Need Rank [2-6] to Drive this Vehicle
Vehicle ID: 551
Vehicle Name: Merit
Vehicle Picture:
Need Rank [4-6] to Drive this Vehicle
Vehicle ID: 562
Vehicle Name: Elegy
Vehicle Picture:


=======================Faction Rules==========================

• Every faction member should respect their higher ranker..
• Failure to respect would result into kick from the faction for 3 Days.
• Every member of this faction has to obey the commands of their leader.
• Follow each and every rule of the server.
• Don’t fight on silly things.
• Don’t provoke other gangs without any reason.
• Work with other members.
• You can’t join another gang/family until you get Kick .
• If you are leaving a faction you must have a CK, and say the reason why are you leaveing.
• If you get denied , You must wait 1 week to make another application.
• If you are inactive for more than 1 weeks, You will lose your position as a leader.(Only if you make a post that you are going to be Inactive for a while).

What they do


======================What we Do ==================

The Al-Qaeda is like a Army but we do suicide attacks and bombings of different targets.
This is a Army that will Threat to the Goverment like,Al-Qaeda has attacked civilian and military targets, most notably the September 11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.
We will help clivilan but if they don't follow are orders they will die.

HQ Place


==========================HQ Picture==================

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

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Re: Al Qaeda(Faction Applications)

Post  Drake on Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:06 pm

Oh god, I made that monstah' of a story...its good, although I don't think much people are gonna read it, any case,

I /support

Do to the fact the server needs more factions!

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Post  Josh_Pimm on Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:14 pm

I read the whole story, pore David :<, Atleast hes a badass now,


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Re: Al Qaeda(Faction Applications)

Post  Drake on Mon May 02, 2011 3:19 pm



(In any case, if you are a retard, its because Osama is dead.)

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Re: Al Qaeda(Faction Applications)

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