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Donating to the server

Post  Monkey on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:10 am

Donating to the server will help keep it running and you get some cool additional features as well!

Level 1 VIP £1+ Donations
- $100,000 per each 1GBP donated
- Access to /v(ip) chat
- 1000 business supplies per 1GBP donated(if Applicable)
- Custom Phone number
- Access to VIP group and Hidden topic on forum
- Golden chat on /v /n and /ooc chats
- Additional $1,000 paycheck.
- /togpms command to allow/deny people PMing you.

Level 2 VIP £10+ Donations
- All of the above features
- Free Custom house(Must be reasonably RP)
- Access to special Donator cars
- /ocarcolour is now free
- Additional $2,000 paycheck.

Level 3 VIP £20+ Donations
- All of the above features
- Free custom business
- Free custom Mapped House
- TS Private room(look below)
- Additional $3,000 paycheck.

Level 4 VIP £30+ Donations
- All of the above features
- Free custom Mapped business
- Additional $4,000 paycheck.

Private Room Info
- It is your channel
- You get channel admin to your channel
- Custom name
- Never expires
- You can password the channel to stop people getting in
- Can be IC or OOC

Custom Faction Information *
£20 or more
- Free custom faction (With 2 admin approvals)
- 3 Free faction vehicles
- 10 Pot Cocaine & materials per 1GBP donated added to faction bank
- $1,000 per 1GBP donated added to faction bank
- Forum Topic with full moderation of the topic.

£30 or more
- Free custom faction (No Approval needed!)
- Free custom mapped faction HQ
- TeamSpeak 3 Channel with channel admin for up to 3 people
- (LIMITED TIME OFFER) Faction will also receive a weapons armoury**

Pay using Paypal!

Alternatively you may use Daopay
£5 Donation - $8***
£10 Donation - $15***
£20 Donation - $30***

What next?
Make a topic with the name Donation - Your_Name and fill out this application
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]IC Name:[/b]
[b]Amount Donated:[/b] £0.00
[b]Email Used:[/b]
[b]Transaction ID:[/b]
[b]Daopay PIN(If Applicable):[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]

* Any custom faction must be a one time donation of the required amount (IE £20 or £30+) and can not be purchased from a set of multiple donations.
** Armoury requires materials in the faction bank for the members to take the weapons out.
The armoury will use less materials than making the guns normally.
*** USD Payments may be in-accurate, However the donation in GBP is correct.

You agree upon donating that you have permission from the bill payer and that this is a DONATION SERVICE. There are no refunds from a donation therefore you can not ask for a refund.

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