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Angel Pine Law Firm

Post  Justin Williams on Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:32 am

Angel Pine Law Firm

The Story:
Right out of high school Justin Didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, his parents urged him to get a job as a computer Technion but he didn't want to spend his whole life on a computer. But it came to him and a rainy August afternoon, he could be a lawyer. He convinced his parents to pay for his tuition to Liberty City University. Five long years later he came back to Angle pine in search of job. After a year of searching he couldn't find anything, so with his ambition he set out to build his own firm. Two years later and fifty grand he had his own running law firm, Angel Pine Law Firm.

















1. Trainee- These guys are watching and listening to what is going on inside the court room. To be accepted they must go through rigorous tests. They will be required to take exams and do assignments before they are allowed to move on to work as a helper for an official lawyer.
REQUIREMENTS: Have completed the application process and have been approved by a higher tier Judge or Superintendent.

2. Assitant/trainee lawyer- These guys are now starting to receive a bit of action in the court cases. They assist the lawyer by doing whatever he says. If the case is small the assistant may do some questioning.
REQUIREMENTS: Have passed all exams leading up to this point, Approved by a Higher Tier Judge or Superintendent

3. Lower tiers Attorney- They have proven themselves as an assistant and trainee and can know work by themselves on minor cases. They can work as a defense or prosecuting attorney. They are used as attorneys when other higher tier attorneys are unavaible or busy. In major court cases they can be used as assistants if needed.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved by Superintendent, Approved by a higher tier Judge, and Completed a set number of hours as a trainee, passed all exams and have knowledge of the law.

4. Higher tier Attorney- Need someone to defend a murder or case. Or prosecute a corrupt officer. These are the guys who are going to do this. They work any and all cases. They have great knowledge of the San Andreas law system and know how to work a court case. These guys can work together or against each other working as defense or prosecuting attorneys.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved by the owner, Must have completed a set number of hours as an assistant to a Higher tier attorney, Approved by the supervisor, Passed a test a about your knowledge of the Law.

5. Lower Tier Judge- If you have a traffic ticket or another small civil complaint your going to be seeing these guys. They handle minor cases and give a ruling based on there own opinion. In other words, no jury is used when this judge is working. Lower Tier Judges can also work as an attorney if those positions are needed.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved by the owner, pass a test of basic laws and rules of Angel Pine, Approved by supervisor, Have 66% of the faction vote to approve you.

6. Higher Tier Judge- If you have been convicted of any major crime the Higher Tier Judge will be RUNNING your case. Also during your trial the final decision will be decided by the jury. Everything that happens will be done to the letter. These guys have proven themselves and can work as any of the other previously stated jobs.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved by the owner, Approved by at least One APPD superintendent, Approved by the supervisor. Unless they are the runner up in the vote, highest ranking judge in the section is the runner up to the Supervisor position vote.

7. Supervisor- This guy is in charge of everyone. He is in charge of assigning cases to certain lawyers and telling which judges will be participating in certain cases. Along with setting court dates and times. He can perform any of the above duties and has all authorative right to any decisions made in a case (Except those made by a jury). If you ever have any questions this is your guy to talk to.
REQUIREMENTS: Approved by the owner, Approved by at least Two APPD superintendents, position determined by a county vote.

Basic summary of duties for each general rank.

1. Judges
The San Andreas Courtroom will supply as many judges that are needed for that day. Every judge is required to Judge for at least 1 hour without a break when they are performing their job (except for the break between cases). A judge reads up the charges against the suspect and decides (with the help of the jury) if the suspect is guilty or
not guilty. If the suspect is guilty the Judge can choose between: a huge fine or to sent him/her to jail and needs to give a jail time. The highest punishment is giving a
suspect the capital punishment. The capital punishment in San Andreas is a lifelong jail time. (( this means you will not get out of jail for an hour)).
being. A courtroom fine starts at 10.000$. If a lawyer uses edvidence or withnesses which are not accepted by the courtroom or which are not informed to the courtroom
the Judge puts the courtsession on hold and needs to make a quick conversation with the lawyer and Prosecutor. If the judge does
not approves the given reason for breaking the law and bringing illegal edvidence or withnesses the judge can cancel the courtsession
and move the session to another day. The suspect will be detained untill the courtsession is going to be held.

2. Attorney Defense/Prosecution


The Defense’s task is to protect the suspect and trying to convince the jury and the judge that the suspect is innocent.
This can be done with a witness or any other evidence which is approved by the courtroom before the court session. Along with the other side being notified of any evidence that is used.
If the lawyer uses evidence or witnesses which are not accepted by the courtroom or which are not informed to the courtroom
the Judge puts the court session on hold and needs to make a quick conversation with the lawyer and Prosecutor. If the judge does
not approves the given reason for breaking the law and bringing illegal evidence or witnesses the judge can cancel the court session
and move the session to another day. The suspect will be detained until the court session is going to be held.
The defense attorney has the right to interrogate the Prosecutor's witnesses. The Prosecutor can interrogate the defenses witnesses as well. IF the witnesses cannot be back for the later date. This interrogation will be recorded and plaid at the later court date.
The defense attorney has the right to set up a quick meeting with the judge and Prosecutor at any time.
The defense attorney is also allowed to try and make a deal with the Prosecutor to lower the time and gets his suspect to confess when
the time is lowered. BUT the prosecution will have to ask for the reduction in time as the final decision will come from the judge.
The lawyer is allowed to make objections against questions / story's from the lawyer if they are not applicable with the court session.
The judge needs to approve or deny the objections. Which is taught in lawyer/judge school and training.


The Prosecutor tries to convince the jury and the judge that the suspect is guilty. The Prosecutor is allowed to use any evidence and/or
witnesses which are approved by the courtroom. If the Prosecutor brings non approved evidence / witnesses and uses them the court session will be stopped
and as told above the judge, defenses and Prosecutor will have a quick chat.
The Prosecutor has the right to interrogate the defenses witnesses. The lawyer has the right to interrogate the Prosecutor witnesses.
The Prosecutor has the right to set up a quick meeting at any time with the Judge and lawyer.
The Prosecutor is also allowed to accept or make deals with the suspect and lawyer.
The Prosecutor is allowed to make objections against questions / story's from the lawyer if they are not applicable with the court session.
The judge needs to approve or deny the objections.


On the day of the trial the jury members will be required to show up or they will face a serious fine which will go on there permanent criminal record. Jury members will be notified 2 week in advance about the trail and will be required to send in a slip of paper notifying they have gotten the letter. If they do not reply they will receive another notification and all will be done to reach them. (( Really they will just be 5 random picked off the server at the time who are going to be on for a while.)) They jury will consist of 5 people. They will be required to show up 10 minutes before the trial. They will then be explained what will happen and how it will go down. They will then be lead inside and the evidence will be laid on the table. They will then go to there private jury room and be able to make there decision in privacy. Also selecting a member to state there decision as the lead jury member. At the end they will be allowed to leave and given a small payment for there time.



Prices are always worked out with the person being defended or the prosecutor prior to the trial. We will also work with APPD to set prices for prisoners who cannot afford and attorney and would like one present at there question/ trial.

How a trial works:

The superintendent will set a time/date that works for all groups of people.
1. Police officer/prosecutor
2. Prosecuting attorney
3. Accused offender
4. Defense attorney
5. Judge
6. Any/All witnesses

Jury members will also be selected if the trial calls for it. ((These can be just people picked off the server. Kind of like having to go to Jury duty.))

How cases are ran:

Criminal cases:

1. A vehicle is sent to the police department holding the prisoner who is to be tried.
2. SASP provides security for transporting the suspect to and (if convicted) from the PD.
3. Once the suspect arrives the suspect is allowed to talk with there defense attorney (if they haven’t already). If the suspect does not have the money to have a lawyer one will be provided to him.
4. All lawyers take there seat on there respective sides. All witnesses take there seats behind the lawyers. Any one wanting to witness the case takes seat behind the witnesses.
5. The jury is brought in and seated.
6. The defendant is then brought in, sworn in, and asked to take a seat.
7. Everyone stands up while the judge is brought in.
8. Everyone is seated and the judge reads out the charges against the defendant.
9. The Prosecution states there opening statement( or there case if there is no witnesses.)
10. The defense states there opening statement( or there case if there is no witnesses.)
11 A. If there is no witnesses the jury will go out and make there decision.
11 B. If there are witnesses it will begin with the prosecution calling there first witness.
12. They will be allowed to have a direct testimony with them.
13. Then the Defense will be allowed to have a cross examination.
14. The Defense can then call there own witness
15. Defense is allowed to have a direct testimony with them.
16. Prosecution can then cross examine the witness.
17. This cycle continues till all witness have filed through.
18. IF there were witnesses the prosecution then the defense can have a Closing statement.
19. If the jury has not they can go off and make there final decision.
20. They are then brought back and the head of the 5 jury members read out there final decision.
21. If guilty the judge can set a later date, judge, or can give the sentence at this time.
22. The suspect is then transported to a prison and there sentence is carried out.
23. If the suspect is not guilty they are allowed to leave.
24. The judge ends the trial.
25. The judge states who can leave and when and everyone is allowed to leave.
26. After a short break the next trial begins.

Civil cases:

A civil case is a time when you want to argue against something minor such as a speeding ticket or traffic violation. For these you need to have the officer if it is a ticket or the person who you are complaining against come in as well. We will help you work out dates.

1. The suspect speaks to the desk attendant and sets up a time either that day or at a later day for the trial to come.
2. When the trial date comes (that has been agreed upon) both sides will come to the PD on there own.
3. They will be presented with the same style as stated above in steps 4,6,7,8.
(No witnesses are used in these crimes unless necessary)
4. The prosecution states what there case is and then is seated.
5. The defense is then allowed to defend themselves.
6. The judge is then allowed to ask any questions they have for either of the sides.
7. The judge then asks if they have any final things to say before they make there decision. ( They have 1 minute each to state this.)
8. The judge then makes his decision.
9. Then the sides leave the courtroom and go to another room where the winner is either allowed to leave or is given his money, items, etc. back that the judge has given to him.

On the date of the crime all members must show up to the trial. Here are the circumstances if someone doesn’t show up.

Transportation IF NEEDED will be provided by the organization to the trial. UNLESS the transportation requires the travel of a suspected criminal, in which case SASP must provide the transportation.

1. Prosecutor- Charges are dropped or another attorney is found.
2. Defense- A warrant will be put out for the person’s arrest. Or another attorney is found
3. Judge- A new judge is found
4. Witnesses- They are skipped in there testimony.

How to call for a trial:
If you would like to contact the firm to set up a trial please call us.

Or send us an E-mail: ((forums))

To be determined

Angel Pine Law.

Basic/personnal Information

1. Full name:

2. Gender:

3. Age:

4. Date of Birth:

5. Race:

6. Address:

7. Phone number:

8. Please list all languages you speak. Beginning with the one you speak most fluently. Followed by the ones you speak less:


1. Please state all your completed education and your degree in them:

2. List where have you attended any schooling at:

Criminal Past:

1. List any major crimes you have been convicted of:

2. List any minor crimes/violations you have committed and charged with:

3. List any family members or close friends/relatives living in the area:

Writing portion:
Most answers require at least a paragraph more is better. To pass you need to write this perfectly. I recommend you use spell check and listen to it. Any major problem areas in your English or your writing will cause you to be denied. Remember your going to be a lawyer you better know how to write.

1. Please explain how you see yourself fitting into this job. State which side you see your self working in most. Prosecution or defense? Explain.

2. Please explain in your own words how a normal court case is run.
3. Explain your main duties as a trainee.

4. Explain in your own opinion how our justice system should be run.

5. State how long and which dates/times you will be most able to be available to work.

6. Please tell us about yourself and your personality. Along with how this will help our organization.

7. Explain why you want to join the firm.

8. Are you qualified in Civil Law?

9. State your final case on why we should accept you into the firm.


1. First name:

2. Time Zone:

3. How long have you been playing on your account.

4. Can you dedicate up to a full hour of constant play at least twice a week. And at least 3 other hours of in game rp. The more your active the faster you move up the ranks.

5. Have you ever been banned/ajailed on any of your accounts.

6. How active will you be on this account?

7. Do you agree to all the rules of the faction as stated.

8. Any last words before you sentence is decided?

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Re: Angel Pine Law Firm

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Really? You copied almost every single word from a (Unspeakable) server forum. I will look into a punishment for plagiarism.

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Re: Angel Pine Law Firm

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Re: Angel Pine Law Firm

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