Edward Jenkins

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Edward Jenkins

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:14 pm


Last Name: Jenkins
First Name: Edward
Nickname(s): Ed
Present Residence Address (if any): N/A
DOB (Date Of Birth) : 4/5/1972
Past Residences: Miami, 6 Clover Street.
Do You Own A Vehicle: No.
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?(We Will Check): Never.
If yes, state violation: N/A
Past and Present Membership in Organizations: Taxi driver.
Any Experience in this line of work?: Not really.
Life Story*REQUIRED!*: Born in Miami, I was always looking for a career in law enforcement. As a child, my life was not pleasant. My father was a drinker, and a heavy one. He would always come home from work, and sit on the couch and drink. He never spent time with me. His drinking problem was ironic due to the fact that he, himself worked as a taxi driver. Although he had such a bad drinking problem, he was at least supporting the family, putting bread on the table.
At the age of 16, I went to Dixie Express Driving School. After a year of hard work, I finally received my license. This was very exciting to me. I didn't know what to do. I felt free. I had the ability to drive anywhere. Then, I thought about the problem of actually having a car to drive. I walked home, I wasn't very far. Once I reached the house, I walked inside and asked my mom, "Can I take the car?"
"What?" she asked in a surprised voice. "You need an adult with you if you want to drive."
"I've just gotten my license..." I showed her the card.
"No, I don't think you're ready." she said firmly.
"Ugh, mommm! I have a license!" I said in an annoyed voice.
She sighed. "Fine."
I sighed. She threw me the car keys, I caught them and walked out the door. I got in the car, and drove off; the beginning of my freedom.
Four years later when I turned 19, I was accepted into a job at the taxi company. I did multiple fares every day, although I was never satisfied. I wanted to do something more exciting that involved driving. My mother was a police officer. She was very tough, and she didn't take no for an answer. I thought about becoming a police officer. I thought about it for 6 years. I thought about what I'm pushing myself to do if I do decide to become an officer...
I moved to Los Santos. From when I was 23 to now, my life was pretty simple. The same thing every day: Fares, food, home. Fares, food, home. I decided this wasn't enough for me. I wanted to do something more exciting and interesting.
I don't know why I didn't apply earlier, but here I am.
I have stated all the events that lead up to this moment.

Why do you want to be a Officer of the Law?: As I have stated above, my mother was a police officer, and I want some more excitement in my life.

How many Ride a longs have you attended?: Three I think. Not sure actually.


Name(optional): Ben
Time on server: Idk... i'm a founder tho
Any past legitimate kicks or bans: None
Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes
Do You have Teamspeak: Yes
Any Officers Recommending you*Pictures*: No
IG Picture of your Stats(Please upload Via Imageshack.us):
Any others things you want to ad?: No

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Re: Edward Jenkins

Post  Tom_Momochii on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:23 pm

Dear Applicant, The high ranking officers of Angel Pine Police Department, has reviewed your application and we are glad to say you have been ACCEPTED! We will call you for an interview as soon as possible. Please stick with us, as it may take a few days.

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