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Here is the current manual to follow by when in DOT.

** You walk into the DOT HQ **
** You see a pile of books **
** Do you pick one up? **

Welcome to the DOT manual!

Page 1, How to drive the DOT Vehicles.

Always drive on the RIGHT side of the road.
Always pick somebody up if they are requesting a taxi!
Don't run red lights,
Follow ALL road rules.
Park the vehicles back where they belong.

Page 2, The vehicles

The Dot currently has 4 vehicles.
The taxi. The taxi is used for normal transportation of customers.
The Cabbie. The cabbie is used for the same reason as a Taxi.
The Bus. The bus is used for routes.
The Limo. The Limo (Stretch) Is used for Luxery pick ups.

Page 3, The Prices

Here is the current prices for each vehicles
Taxi - 50 Dollars per 5 blocks (( Around the PD 5 times )) Or 10 dollars per block.
Cabbie. The same as the Taxi.
The Bus. 10 dollars for all distances.
The Limo. 100 per 4 blocks. ((around pd 4 times)) or 25 per block.

Page 4, The Rules

Don't run people over.
Don't ignore calls.
Don't pass people calling for a taxi.
Don't not pass someone because you dislike them.
Don't give free rides.
Don't use the vehicles for any means of personal transportation, E.G Going to a 24/7 for a rag.
Don't rob,Tie, or Blindfold any customers.
Don't insult anyone.
If you suspect your passenger as a criminal, Or have something on them, Or any other illegal stuff going on, Such as you see someone getting robbed outside, CALL THE COPS.

MUST RP-Drive correctly.
Be active.
Know the map and how to get around.
Don't insult anyone.

(( I will add more as I see fit ))

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