Lag problems?

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Lag problems?

Post  Drake on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:02 pm

Are you having lag problems?

In this tutorial I will help you get rid of your lag problems.

But first you may need to know which is the cause of your lag.

Do you have a high ping or is your computer slow?

-Slow Computer.

Lowest graphic settings.
- You can try playing on the lowest GTA SA graphic settings or going to your graphics card control panel and disabling the eye candy.

Remove windows effects and sounds.
- This can be the cause of lag too, you can easily remove them by going to Computer -> Properties.

Disable unnecessary services.
- If you feel unsure about this, try downloading Game Booster .

Try a fresh copy of your operating system.
- Install all the programs you will probably need, only the essentials.

Make sure your drivers are updated.
- Try programs such as DriverEasy which is free or DriverGenius which costs. (I personally use Drivergenius as I don't trust DriverEasy that much.)

Clean the registry with CCleaner.
- Here is the Download Link

Note: If on a Windows 7 computer, try this guide .

Second Note: Remember to Defragment and check for viruses monthly.

Is it your internet connection?

- If so, maybe your computer is not using the other 20% of your connection, try this guide.

- You can try fixing windows sockets by downloading this program. , windows sockets get all gummed up and you don't use a bit of your internet Warning: This could make you need to reinstall your antivirus as it won't receive updates, do at your own risk. (Or at least it does for me, I use Eset Smart Security 4 .

- If all else fails pay for a better internet connection.

If you have any questions regarding this, please comment them.

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