[Accepted]Dominic_Elkins Application.

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[Accepted]Dominic_Elkins Application.

Post  Dominic_Elkins on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:30 pm

In character details

First Name:Dominic

Last Name:Elkins

Phone Number:/N/A as of yet...



Address:I pay rent in the country side.

Knowledge of the medical team:I know a fair bit about it. I know how to performe cpr and all of the good stuff!

Any Education:When I was younger I went on a collage coruse todo with construction and health.

Why do you want to join the APMS? (25 words+):Ever since I was young I wanted to join these. I love helping people, doing something like this makes me feel proud of myself! I love doing things for people.

Information about you
I am a 21 year old man, I rent a house in the country side. I used to have a girlfriend but she broke up with me because I was always busy with things. i am a very nice person, I love to help people!

Would the APMS benefit anything from you?:They would get allot from me. I have allot of knowlage of this stuff. So they would get allot out of me.

Any flaws that you have?:I must admit, I don't really like being told what to do but I can cmoe around that no problem!

Any good qualities that you have?:I know allot about medical. I know how to performe cpr all of that stuff. I drive very good on the road, will get the patient to hospital really quick.

Tell us about yourself. (50 words+):I was born in Sweden, but I were never happy there, so I decided to move to USA, where I got job as a doctor, I was often driving the ambulance, but after a year I realized that I just couldn't go on like that, I had no real friends to actually be with. I decided to move to Blueberry because it sounded like a nice place, I've been living here for almost one year now, and after trying a lot of other jobs I think I'm ready to start the rescue career again.

Out Of Character

How long have you been playing SAMP?:3 year

How long have you been playing RP games? (GLRP specificly):I have been playing rp servers for 1 year now, I only started this server not too long ago.

How long are you on a day?:5 - 6 hours if busy

Do you have TS?:Yes I do.

Do you have a mic?:Yes but it is playing up recently.


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Re: [Accepted]Dominic_Elkins Application.

Post  Wizy on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:40 pm

Dear Elkins,
Your application has been

You will start out as a Medic.

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