[Forum][Guide] How to make a proper auction.

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[Forum][Guide] How to make a proper auction.

Post  Wizy on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:35 am

Well, the only 2 auctions I have seen are not proper. So this will teach you how to make a proper auction.

What do to:
Well, First this is a basic auction.
It should look something like this

Title: Selling a 98' black NRG.

** You walk into an auction house **
** You watch some of the auctions **
** You see a auction that you like **
** You start to listen to the auctioneer **
Hello ladies and gentleman! Today we are selling this beautiful NRG. Made in 1998.
** The auctioneer shows you a picture of it **

Here you can see it looks brand new.
Please note, The man driving the NRG does not come with it.
** The auctioneer laughs **

** The auctioneer points to a desk **
Over there is the desk to contact the person for this beauty.

** You walk over to the desk **
** It reads **
To whom it may concern, That NRG belongs to [Name].
You may contact me at [Number].
I am looking for a Minimum of [Price] and I would like to see a bid raise of atleast [Price] per bid And I will take no more than [price]

Now inproper way is to make it so you demand no more or no less than your price

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I am looking for [price] for this. Contact me if you want to buy it!

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